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Expert assistance and advice in real estate short sales, lender negotiations and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program

My 100% FREE zero-obligation Seller Assist Plan makes it easier than ever for you to advertise your home online and prescreen your buyer prospects before you ever speak with them.

I provide a beautiful custom website showcasing your home in photographs or videography or both, along with all the property features and data you wish to provide. 

Besides just making it easy to advertise your home online, your free website also captures the prospects contact information for you to follow up with and enables you to discover key information about the prospect in advance - for example:

• Are they already fully approved for financing?
• Are they being represented by an agent? 
• Are they ready to purchase in the next 0-60 days?
• What else would you like to ask? 

Plus, explain your commission policy, allow prospects to schedule appointments for private showings, announce Open House dates and set up an on-line registry. The wesite is easily customizable so basically...you make the rules!

I'll also provide custom Sign Riders and 50 professional flyers for out front. Buyers driving the neighborhood can log right onto your website to see interior pictures or a virtual video tour or schedule an appointment directly from their smart phone because your website is mobile friendly - of course. 

You might be curious why I provide all this for free to home owners who've made the decision to try and sell their homes on their own? It's because not everyone can buy your house. Some buyers won’t qualify to purchase your home and others will find it doesn’t meet their needs - forwhatever reason.

I’d like an opportunity to work with
those buyers.

I'd also like you to consider my exclusive fee-for-service options or consider hiring me to sell your home should you decide you like the way I operate and decide you'd like to turn the task over to someone other than yourself (which I'll never bring up or speak about again unless you ask)

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